Reflection of HSI

I will remember how to analyse media to tell if what they are talking about is true or if their trying to manipulate us. I will remember the types of pictures and what to do to get a good one. I also now know that it takes a certain skill to do blogging its not just about writing something you find important down to express yourself you actually believe in it and you think there should sometimes be a change or the fact that they might just have to look at it from another perspective. I would say that I met the goal of learning a lot from this class it may not of been my first choice but I don’t regret one second of being here.

I will learn the patience and skill it takes to do programming and the fact that you have be prepared to types multiple pages of code sometimes. I will also learn you don’t need to have steady hand to build something as small as the tiny robot.  I also learned that the more detailed you are with the notes the easier your life will be when it comes to a class like that.

The color run 5K because so many kids in HSI got pumped up for it by coloring on themselves and friends and doing Mohawks. A lot of people walked but we raised over our limit of 1000 dollars I ran it and got a 24 min time.  Because you saw a group of kids that met each other only two weeks ago talking and messing around with each other like they’ve known each other for years and it made me extremely happy to see that happening.

Don’t judge a book by its cover and always take a chance like this because it helps you out in more ways then one.  I’ve always been somewhat outgoing but i think i have become more outgoing and friendly with this experience. I didn’t have any fears coming here but having to share a room with someone I didn’t get along with but you might not think you’ll be friends with someone but it always works out in a funny way. I have learned that I’m not gonna always ave someone to help me be on time and do my laundry so I’d say yes to being more independent because you have to step up and be more responsible here because they wont let you do anything you want to.

They show you what its like to not have as much sleep as you need or want. They go pretty easy on the classes but they teach you that you have freedom here but if you get out of hand people wont deal with it like in high school because they are payed to teach you not deal with your crap. I think this has prepared me for a bit of what I want to do because what I want to do ill be on clock for 24/7 so I’ll be used to being slightly sleep deprived.

I would be a little more friendly straight off the bat. I was friendly but I would be more friendly so I would know everyone better.

It was the funniest thing I’ve ever done and I’d do it again if I had the choice I would also go on more activity’s even if im tired because these made your time here like ten times better.


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