Generation Like

The man thought everyone was being manipulated by media when they were just doing what they found fun or what they thought right. In which some people are manipulated by the media but not every single teenager. I think people should keep doing what they think is fun and they want to do it because its a free choice to do it no one is forcing your hand.

I don’t think I am I don’t post on social media often I have once in the past two years. I don’t like videos or posts I will look at them but I leave my opinion out of things. I think teens engage in this because they want to have a chance to talk to the person they are so fascinated with because that makes their day better and seeing that other people like you are out there and agree with you makes you feel pretty good.

I think it is again you’re not forced to you can say no I think its acceptable to a limit. Like keep it pg because there are kids that coast around on social media that shouldn’t be exposed to that kind of stuff. I think it can be irritating at points like when you just want to listen to music or watch a video that would make you laugh but i think its a good thing we have them so we can see the new things coming out and you can get excited for them so you can always have something to look forward to.

A negative is kids being exposed to products and pictures they shouldn’t. And they also can manipulate some people. A positive is people can share their outputs easily they can make it easier to access music and they can also share their life and things they find fun to do.

I didn’t think much of the video to be honest but there were a couple points that i was disapproving of because if a parent that gets manipulated easily by that type of stuff watched that they would try and limit their kids access as much as possible to technology which could screw the kid in the future because every thing now and to be is going to be with technology so you would need the experience.


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