Reflection of HSI

I will remember how to analyse media to tell if what they are talking about is true or if their trying to manipulate us. I will remember the types of pictures and what to do to get a good one. I also now know that it takes a certain skill to do blogging its not […]

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Generation Like

The man thought everyone was being manipulated by media when they were just doing what they found fun or what they thought right. In which some people are manipulated by the media but not every single teenager. I think people should keep doing what they think is fun and they want to do it because […]

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My thoughts about media

The biggest way I get to hear about anything is from a friend or my parents telling me about something that just happened. I wake up to my mom or my sister watching the news in the morning. I’ll listen in while I make breakfast but after that I leave the house and go help […]

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My experience of HSI so far

I was born in Bremerton Washington on July 12, 2002 I was a military family as in we moved around a lot never staying in one place for long. We lived in Laramie, Washington, Colorado, Nevada, Utah, and now were back to Wyoming. We live just outside of Gillette now and I go to North […]

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